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OSC Fee Assistance Guidelines

The Oakville Soccer Club recognizes the importance of all residents having an equal opportunity to access soccer programs and enjoy the many benefits that participation brings. To help make this possible, the Oakville Soccer Club will provide financial assistance to qualified applicants for most soccer programs.

Who Can Apply?
Any Oakville resident who feels that his/her financial situation might prohibit his /her participation or that of a family member, in an OSC soccer program may apply.
Fee assistance is limited to the Club registration fee as well as the Club portion of rep fees (if applicable). Applicants qualifying for 100% & 50% will also be admissible for fee assistance for one other activity per session per applicant. For this second activity, the eligible fee assistance will be reduced by 50% and will be limited to soccer camps (1 week) or one development program.
Fee assistance is based on the total income of all members of your family and the number of people in your family.
‘Family’ denotes all people who live in the same dwelling and are related to each other by blood, marriage, common-law or adoption.
The Fee Assistance Rate Schedule is used to determine the level of assistance from the OSC and will help applicants identify the level of assistance that corresponds to their total family income.
Applicants will be notified in writing and/or by email within 30 days as to the status of their eligibility.
Applicants who do not receive 100% fee assistance must pay the balance of the registration fees to guarantee registration in the program(s) requested. Payment may be made by cash, cheque, debit, VISA or Mastercard.
How to Apply
Applicants must complete:
1. A program registration form (where applicable)
2. A Fee Assistance application form (Click to Download)
Applicants must attach with their application, supporting documentation of income status of all of their family’s sources of income, such as income tax returns and/or notice of assessment, government assistance, child tax benefit, workers compensation, disability insurance, GST rebates, etc.
*Failure to submit proper documentation may result in ineligibility.
*False information will result in disqualification and ineligibility of application.
Put completed forms and documents in envelope marked: 
“Fee Assistance Application – Confidential”
Mail or drop off application to:
Oakville Soccer Club
1520 Pine Glen Rd.
Oakville, ON L6M 4P4
For more information, call:
Paula Lachance at 905-849-4436 X 4437
Fee Assistance Rate Schedule*
Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 OSC Pays Applicant Pays
Gross Annual Household Income $0 to $15,200 $0 to $19,000 $0 to $23,100 $0 to $28,600 $0 to $32,000 $0 to $35,400 $0 to $38,800 100% 0%
$15,201 to $16,800 $19,001 to $22,360 $23,101 to $27,300 $28,601 to $33,600 $32,001 to $37,200 $35,701 to $41,300 $38,801 to $46,000 50% 50%
$16,801 to $17,900 $22,361 to $26,300 $27,301 to $31,800 $33,601 to $39,400 $37,201 to $44,100 $41,301 to $48,900 $46,001 to $53,700 25% 75%
$17,901+ $26,301+ $31,801+ $39,401+ $44,101+ $48,901+ $53,701+ Not Eligible 100%
* Updated yearly to be consistent with the Town of Oakville Recreation Program Fee Assistance Schedule