RDP Coaches

Chris Grierson
Senior Technical Director

 Chris has been part of Oakville Soccer Club’s Coaching staff since 2006. Starting as an Open Development Program  and U8-U10 Academy Program Coach, he gradually advanced through the Club into his current role of Senior Technical Director.

Chris holds a number of coaching licenses from Canada and United States. They include a US Soccer A License, Canada Soccer B License, NSCAA National Advanced Diploma, and NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma.

Chris was also one of the first Technical Directors within Ontario to participate in the Technical Director Course facilitated by Ontario Soccer. In addition, Chris is a Ontario Soccer Learning Facilitator who can deliver community courses and the Canadian Soccer C License.

Mark Worton
Director of Coach Development

Mark is currently the Director of Coach Development at Oakville Soccer Club and has coached at OSC since 2001. Mark brings over 40 years of experience to this role  as former professional player, current University Coach, Coaching Instructor, Provincial Team Coach and Talent scout at Ontario Soccer.

He has coaching Licenses from three countries, currently holding a USSF A License, CSA A License Part 1 and UEFA B License.

Mark is also the Head Coach of the University of Waterloo Men’s Soccer team and led them into the Ontario University Athletics play-offs for the first time in eight years in October of 2018. Prior to this he was an Assistant Coach at Guelph University, helping them to OUA Gold and Bronze at Nationals in 2016.

Gareth Davies
Manager of Grassroots Programs

Gareth Davies is currently the Grassroots Program Manager for the Oakville Soccer Club, bringing over 10 years of youth soccer coaching experience and 25 years involvement in the game in varying roles.

Gareth is a National B level coach in and holds numerous coaching qualifications in others sports including Basketball and European Handball. Gareth graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a Physical Education Degree and has a background in teaching.

Gareth has previously worked with a number of Clubs and Academies within the GTA, developing players of all ages and technical ability.

Derek Salvador
Head of Strength and Conditioning

Derek Salvador is currently the Head of Strength and Conditioning for the Oakville Soccer Club, bringing over 15 years of experience working with clients from rehabilitation to high performance in individual and team settings.

Derek is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He is also a graduate of the Sheridan College Human Performance Training Certificate program. He has completed multiple courses in athletic development and human performance.

Derek is the Owner and Director of Sport Science at Athletic Solutions Inc., a company that specializes in strength and conditioning, athletic development and soccer specific fitness. Derek has worked with many youth soccer organizations including Provincial and National Champions.

John Moreira
Goalkeeper Coach

John Moreira is the Oakville Soccer Club's Goalkeeper Coach. Coach Moreira has over 20 years experience as a Club Goalkeeper Coach and Trainer. He is the owner of Eurostar Goalkeeper Academy, and has worked for such teams as the Bermudian Men's National Team, The Toronto Lynx (A League) and the National Academy.

He Currently holds a USSF National A License, a USSF National Goalkeeper License, a USSF National B License, a NSCAA State and Regional Certification, a Provincial B License and is currently in the process of obtaining a UEFA Goalkeeper License.


Boys Head Coaches

U13 Boys (2006) 
U13 OPDL Paul Nelson pnelson@oakvillesoccer.ca
U13 B Robert Clark rclark@oakvillesoccer.ca
U13 C John Bettio


U14 Boys (2005)
U14 OPDL Paul Nelson pnelson@oakvillesoccer.ca
U14 B Steve Emery semery@oakvillesoccer.ca
U14 C Roberto DeBarros rdebarros@oakvillesoccer.ca
U15 Boys (2004)
U15 OPDL Szabi Bozsoky szabi@oakvillesoccer.ca
U15 B Simon Doyle sdoyle@oakvillesoccer.ca
U15 C Robin Mohamid rmohamid@oakvillesoccer.ca
U16 Boys (2003)
U16 OPDL Bruno Silva bsilva@oakvillesoccer.ca
U16 B Mike Terlizzi mterlizzi@oakvillesoccer.ca
U16 C Fernando Marcos fmarcos@oakvillesoccer.ca
U17 Boys (2002)
U17 A Anthony Costa acosta@oakvillesoccer.ca
U17 B Chris Worton cworton@oakvillesoccer.ca
U18 Boys (2001)
U18 A Steven Fletcher sfletcher@oakvillesoccer.ca
U21 Boys 
U21 OSL Provincial Szabi Bozsoky  szabi@oakvillesoccer.ca


Girls Head Coaches

U13 Girls (2006)
U13 OPDL Victoria Miliucci vmiliucci@oakvillesoccer.ca
U13 B  Rumi Jasavala rjasavala@oakvillesoccer.ca
U13 C Xarius Jasavala xjasavala@oakvillesoccer.ca
U14 Girls (2005)
U14 OPDL Bruno Silva bsilva@oakvillesoccer.ca
U14 B George Koumbridis gkoumbridis@oakvillesoccer.ca
U14 C Daniel Peric  dperic@oakvillesoccer.ca
U15 Girls (2004)
U15 OPDL Neil Wilson nwilson@oakvillesoccer.ca
U15 B Graham Fletcher gfletcher@oakvillesoccer.ca
U15 C Reinhold Drygala rdrygala@oakvillesoccer.ca
U16 Girls (2003)
U16 OPDL Neil Wilson nwilson@oakvillesoccer.ca
U16 B Lee Farrell lfarrell@oakvillesoccer.ca
U16 C Chris Widdup cwiddup@oakvillesoccer.ca
U17 Girls (2002)
U17 A Barry Hackett bhackett@oakvillesoccer.ca
U17 B Rob Berlettano  rberlettano@oakvillesoccer.ca
U18 Girls (2001)
U18 A  John Kadet jkadet@oakvillesoccer.ca
U21 Girls 
U21 A George Smith gsmith@oakvillesoccer.ca