2020 Adult Summer Outdoor Soccer


The Premier Adult League Experience!

• Fully insured and officially sanctioned league
• 14 weeks of game play including play-offs & League Cup
• End of season awards for champion teams
• 21 player roster cap per team

The Oakville Soccer Club is proud to offer a large adult summer soccer program that offers leagues and divisions for players of all skill levels! From recreational to competitive levels of play, OSC's Adult Summer Outdoor program welcomes both individual and team registrations in the following leagues: COED, Men's Open Age, Ladies Open Age & Mens 35+. 


2020 Adult Summer Outdoor
Days of Play and Fees


Season Format

All games are 11v11 on a full sized pitch, with two 45 minute halves.  

Rosters for all adult league programs will be capped at 21 players per team. Additional players may be added past the cap at a fee of $50.00 per player.

Captains are now solely responsible for the payment of the deposit and subsequent balance for their team. Captains will no longer be able to allocate fees to individual players on their team rosters through the registration system.

The 2019 Summer Outdoor season will consist of 14 scheduled games (12 regular season, 1 Oakville Cup game and 1 scheduled play-off game or consolation game). 

Teams that advance to the championship receive an extra week of games. The season will begin the week of May 18th, 2020 and will run until the beginning of September. 

Oakville Cup Tournament

During OSC’s Annual Oakville Cup Tournament, all teams will be scheduled a minimum of one game. The Oakville Cup Tournament is a knockout style format and the draw will be completed prior to the start of the season.

Please note: The first round of the Oakville Cup will be played on the regular day of play for the team. All following rounds will be played on Sunday. There will be no rescheduling or date changing of Oakville Cup games. If a team cannot make the scheduled Oakville Cup date the result of the game will be a forfeit.

Registration Information:

All registrations for teams and players must be completed online and all waivers must be accepted online. No exceptions will be made. Rostered players will not appear on the game sheet until their waivers are completed online.Please note: Individual registration is for players not affiliated with a team. Individual teams will be placed in the lowest division to accommodate all skill levels.

A minimum deposit of $1500.00 is due at time of registration.
No spots will be held without payment of the minimum deposit or the full registration fee.

Captains must create their teams and add the Team Players through the online registration system. Once Team Players have been added to a team, they can complete their registration. 

Click here for Team Registration Instructions
for Captains

Players who are new to OSC (have not previously registered in an OSC program) must visit the Pine Glen Soccer Centre and provide proof of age to have an online profile created for them. Once that has been completed, they can be added to a team by a captain and complete their registration.

Even if a Team Player does not have a payment to submit to OSC (the Team Captain paid the full fee and players are paying them directly) they must still complete the online registration process and accept the player waivers.

Click here for Team Player
Registration Instructions

Individual Players (those registering independently and not affiliated with a team) can register online at any time. Individual players are classified as those who wish to sign up for the summer season but are not affiliated with any team. Please note: Individual registration is for players not affiliated with a team. Individual teams are put in the lowest division to accommodate for everyone’s skill level. Instructions for completing waivers can be found below.

 Click here for Individual Player
Registration Instructions

Captain's Meeting Dates

Captains are expected to attend the meeting. The meeting's agenda will include important league information and sponsorship details.Food and rink will be supplied at the meeting.

Date: Wednesday, May 13th, 2020
Time: 7:00p.m.
Location: Puckz Pub, Sixteen Mile sports Complex
                 3070 Neyagawa Blvd, Oakville, ON L6M 4L6


The refund deadline for both Teams and Individual Players is 14 days before the start of the specific program. Refunds requested before May 6th will be subject to a $35.00 administrative fee. No refunds will be issued after May 6th . Individual Players will receive their refund directly from OSC if eligible. Players that registered as a part of a team must make arrangements with their team captain to receive their refund.  To view OSC's Refund Policy, please click here

Adult League Contact:

If you have any questions about the 2020 Adult Summer Outdoor season, please contact Brandon Ames, Adult League Coordinator at bames@oakvillesoccer.ca or by phone at 905-849-4436 ext. 4434.

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