Oakville Soccer Club Honours Volunteers at Recognition & Awards Ceremony

 The Oakville Soccer Club was proud to host the 13th Annual Volunteer Recognition & Awards Ceremony at Le Dome Banquet Hall. This event is held annually to recognize the hard work and dedication of the 1,000+ volunteers who contribute their time and talents to the Club's programs each year.

After dinner the formal ceremony was opened by remarks from Executive Director Dave Harris, Board President Randy Bianchin, and OSA President Ron Smale. Throughout the evening several attendees shared their experiences as OSC volunteers and reflected on how being a volunteer with the Oakville Soccer Club has positively affected their lives.

The Oakville Soccer Club relies on the contributions of its dedicated volunteers in volunteer roles such as House League Coach, House League Convenor, ADP and RDP Volunteer Coaches, Team Managers/Officials, Breaking Barriers program volunteers, Board Members, Committee Members, events volunteers and camp volunteers.

In recognizing the Club’s volunteers, Executive Director Dave Harris said “I am proud to once again recognize the contributions of our outstanding volunteer base. OSC volunteers have shown time and again why they are so valuable to the organization and we could not provide our membership with the level of excellence expected without their help. The contribution of our volunteers is second to none among sports organizations and we are proud to have such important members within the Club”.

Award recipients were as follows:

House League Coach of the Year Award
This award is presented to U4 - U18 House League Coaches who are nominated by OSC's membership and demonstrate sportsmanship, skill development and a commitment to their team.


BU4 - Cheryl Fernandes

GU4 - Chris Marshall

BU5 - Brent Copeland

GU5 - Brandon Moore

BU6 - Mona Amr

GU6 - Fabian Navarro

BU7 - Stewart Dick

GU7 - Stewart Yepes

BU8 - Michael Reilly

GU8 - Jason Gibbons

BU9 - Manny Brar

GU9 - Manny Brar

BU10 - Michael Pagliaro

GU10 - Tom Adams

BU11 - Ryan Parker

GU11 - John Bridge

BU12 - Sanjeev Gautam

GU12 - Chrissy Cocca & Fulvio Cocca

BU13/14 - Daniel Estrada Jr.

GU13/14 - Michael Sager

BU15/16 - Paul Ribau

GU15/16 - Simon Wu

BU17/18 - Mike Dempsey

GU17/18 - Tim Lang & Morris Pedretti


Rep Coach of the Year Award
This award is presented to a coach who has made an outstanding contribution to the development and success of an OSC Rep Team.
Male Team - Steve Fletcher
Female Team - Rumi Jasavala

Outstanding Youth Player Award
This award is presented to a player that has demonstrated dedication to the sport of soccer and an attitude that drives improvement, achievement and success.
Male Player - Lucas Russo
Female Player - Julia Semple

Referee Awards
Presented to Referees who have achieved excellence in officiating.
Game Leader of the Year - Jason Soares
Entry Level Referee of the Year - Dragan Stanojevic, Katya Lopac
Youth Referee of the Year - Robert O'Halloran
Adult Referee Award of the Year - Jeff Andrews
Match Official Service Award - Eric Davidson

Young Volunteer of the Year Award
This award recognizes the contribution of a young adult to both the Oakville Soccer Club and the community.
Matthew Diong

Volunteer of the Year Award
Originally named Sportsperson of the Year in recognition of Jim Tonkin, this award which began in 1974 is presented to an individual who consistently demonstrates the outstanding qualities of a devoted, reliable and committed volunteer.
Jennifer Ironside, Youth House Leave Convenor

President's Award
Presented annually in honour of Joe Hinnen - a long-time volunteer with OSC - this award recognizes an untiring commitment by a volunteer to the Oakville Soccer Club
Philip DeFreitas

The Oakville Soccer Club congratulates all award winners and thanks all of the Club's volunteers for this tireless efforts. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Oakville Soccer Club, please visit www.oakvillesoccer.ca/volunteers.

Stay tuned for the 2017 Volunteer Recognition & Awards Ceremony Photo Album!