OSC Adds Woody Bailey to Club's Coaching Staff

The Oakville Soccer Club is pleased to announce the addition of high-profile skills coach Woody Bailey to the Club’s coaching staff. Bailey, along with his son Jerome, will work with the Club’s Advanced Development Program (ADP), ensuring that OSC players receive world-class instruction technical skills training.

Bailey’s mission is to develop young players to excel at the technical level of soccer. “We want players to develop the thinking, footwork and techniques that will make them successful soccer players,” said Bailey. The teaching method and techniques that will be provided to OSC players have been developed by Woody Bailey and delivered in a learning format that is intense and enjoyable. Woody and his staff coordinate training sessions with a passion for the game matched by an enthusiastic and supportive attitude for helping players develop their skills to play at their desired level.

Bailey teaches skills players can use in practical game situations. Each session is designed to enhance the soccer skills of youth players and become technically equipped to meet the challenges of playing high level soccer in Canada and around the world. Players will be challenged through drills designed to emphasize hard physical work and concentration. Bailey and his son Jerome have spent years studying proven soccer techniques and a have a passion for instruction at a high level that will ensure players have a positive learning experience.

OSC Executive Director Dave Harris said of the hiring: “OSC is thrilled to add a coach of the stature of Woody Bailey to the Club’s staff. The training methods which Woody and Jerome utilize allow for exceptional skills training in an fun and educational manner, ensuring that our players receive the top skills instruction possible. We know that Woody and his son Jerome will add an elite training component to an already strong program which will benefit our players individually and as a whole.”

woody bailey