Open Letter to OSC Youth & Adult Membership

To the Oakville Soccer Club Membership:

As a responsible not-for-profit organization, communication and transparency is a priority for the Club’s management and Board of Directors. We are writing to you today to advise you of the addition of HST to the Club's registration fees beginning with the 2019-20 Fall and Winter seasons. 

Being fiscally responsible to our members means that we have been able to maintain our high calibre programming in the past while absorbing as many of the costs as possible. Unfortunately, a ruling was made against the Oakville Soccer Club by the Canada Revenue Agency which is out of our control and will necessitate future cost increases. 

In July of this year the Canada Revenue Agency officially notified the Club that effective with our Fall 2019 season, the Oakville Soccer Club must now add HST to all programs which feature players U15 and older.  This notice now means that all individual Youth and Adult registrations which reflect these age groups must be charged an additional 13% on top of the Club fee. 

Consequently, as a not-for-profit organization with an obligation to operate not only in a fiscally responsible manner but to remain compliant with the Canada Revenue Agency, it is now necessary to add the 13% HST to the Club’s registration fees beginning with the Fall season. Despite this ruling, we are working to mitigate the cost for next year’s Summer Outdoor registrations and will notify you of our progress prior to the opening of that registration period in January of 2020.

We recognize that increased costs can make playing soccer difficult for some and as such the Club is taking every step necessary to ensure we are creating a positive and affordable soccer experience for all of our members.

As an organization that prides itself on its reputation in the community and its relationship with its members, we felt there was a need to communicate and be as transparent as possible with you today.  We would like to thank you again for being a member of the Oakville Soccer Club and look forward to seeing you on the pitch this season.

OSC Board of Directors