New Facility Funding Initiative

The Oakville Soccer Club, in partnership with the Town of Oakville, has submitted an application for funding to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program in hopes of receiving funding to build an indoor soccer facility in the North Park area of Oakville. Initially, this project will require provincial approval before being considered for funding at the federal level.

This facility will help to accommodate the growing need of indoor field time at the Oakville Soccer Club. Programs including Youth House League, Adult House League, ADP and RDP would all see additional/improved indoor offerings.

In addition, this facility would represent a significant opportunity for community groups and local sport organizations to utilize indoor space for recreational purposes. Preferable time slots would be available at a higher frequency, which would allow more organizations to capitalize on indoor space for community programs.

How can you help support this initiative?

Community endorsement is an important component of the funding process. OSC is asking you to show your support by signing an electronic letter of support. This will only take a minute to complete online and will go a long way in showing the provincial and federal governments how well supported OSC is by the community.

This letter details the initiative, and endorses the benefits of building this facility in the Town of Oakville. Once completed with your information, the letter will be automatically submitted through to the applicable parties involved in the funding process.

As the provincial government is currently reviewing applications for this funding process, the sooner letters are received, the better chance they will be seen before a decision for funding has been made.

The letter will automatically be sent to:

Laurie Scott - Minister of Infrastructure
Mayor Rob Burton, Town of Oakville
Catherine McKenna  - Minister of Infrastructure and Community
CC: Stephen Crawford, MPP, Oakville
CC: Effie Triantafilopoulos, MPP, Oakville North-Burlington
CC: Anita Anand, MP, Oakville
CC: Pam Damoff, MP, Oakville North-Burlington

To register your support, please click here

Thank you for your assistance!

If you have any questions, please contact Katryna Indewey, Director of Marketing & Communications at