The Honourable Laurie Scott
Minister of Infrastructure
777 Bay St.
Toronto, ON M7A 2J3

CC:  Mayor Rob Burton, Town of Oakville
        Stephen Crawford, MPP, Oakville
        Effie Triantafilopoulos, MPP, Oakville North-Burlington
        Anita Anand, MP, Oakville
        Pam Damoff, MP, Oakville North-Burlington
        Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Community

Subject: Support for Indoor Oakville Soccer Facility

Dear Minister Scott,

I am writing to you to register my support of the joint initiative between the Oakville Soccer Club and the Town of Oakville in their pursuit of funding under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program - Community, Culture and Recreation Stream. Initially, this project will require provincial approval before being considered for funding at the Federal level.

If approved, this funding would be utilized to build a second indoor soccer facility in Oakville. In 2019, the Oakville Soccer Club had over 8,500 youth registrations and 4,300 adult registrations. The proposed facility would be located at North Park in the Town of Oakville, and would help to accommodate OSC’s current demand for indoor field time. This facility would also provide community groups and other local sport organizations with more opportunities to utilize an indoor facility for recreational purposes. Increased indoor recreation space will be of the utmost importance as the Town of Oakville is expected to grow by 87,000 residents between 2011 and 2041.

I, as a proud Oakville community member, endorse this facility and realize it as an important part of Oakville's continued identity as a leader in service and sport.  In conclusion, I ask that you consider the joint application by the Oakville Soccer Club and the Town of Oakville and support the initiative of building a new facility in the North Park location.

Thank you for your consideration during this funding process.