OSC Honours Volunteers at Annual Awards Ceremony

The Oakville Soccer Club was proud to host the 12th Annual Volunteer Recognition & Awards Ceremony at Le Dome Banquet Hall. This event is held annually to recognize the hard work and dedication of the 900+ volunteers who contribute their time and talents to the Club's programs each year.

After dinner the formal ceremony was opened by remarks from Executive Director Dave Harris, Board President Randy Bianchin, Town Councillor and Acting Mayor Tom Adams, and OSA President Ron Smale. Throughout the evening several attendees shared their experiences as OSC volunteers and reflected on how being a volunteer with the Oakville Soccer Club has positively affected their lives.

In recognizing the Club’s volunteers, Executive Director Dave Harris said “I am thrilled to once again recognize the outstanding volunteer base of the Oakville Soccer Club. The commitment to excellence that these volunteers display is a credit to them and shows their dedication to ensuring our members enjoy a positive soccer experience. Our volunteers are second to none among sports organizations and we are proud to have such important members contributing so much to the Club”.

Award recipients were as follows:

House League Coach of the Year Award
This award is presented to U4 - U18 House League Coaches who are nominated by OSC's membership and demonstrate sportsmanship, skill development and a commitment to their team.

BU4 - Kristy Wheeler

GU4 - Emilio Presti

BU5 - Paul Fisher

GU5 - Peter Misek & Carol Misek

BU6 - Hamza Syed

GU6 - Nelson Damaso

BU7 - Mark Kernaghan

GU7 - Nick Candiotto

BU8 - George Adu

GU8 - Chris Jackson

BU9 - Bianca Rezende & Rodrigo Rezende

GU9 - Lillo Puma

BU10 - Peter Longo

GU10 - Janet Mastrella

BU11 - Cynthia O’Halloran & Robert O’Halloran

GU11 - Tom Zaks

BU12 - Samantha Sanchez-Ortiz

GU12 - Greg Norkett

BU13/14 - Alessia Bisogni

GU13/14 - Paul Riddle

BU15/16 - Kevin Machej & Brianna Machej

GU15/16 - Bruce Johnson

BU17/18 - Michael Shiels

GU17/18 - Stephen Ross

Rep Coach of the Year Award
This award is presented to a coach who has made an outstanding contribution to the development and success of an OSC Rep Team.
Male Team - Philip DeFreitas
Female Team - Anthony Sabatelli

Outstanding Youth Player Award
This award is presented to a player that has demonstrated dedication to the sport of soccer and an attitude that drives improvement, achievement and success.
Male Player - Yves-Michel Tcheuyap
Female Player - Lauren Sparling

Referee Awards
Presented to Referees who have achieved excellence in officiating.
Game Leader Award - Katie Kennedy & Karley Janula
Entry Level Referee Award - Kristina Makxam
Youth Referee Award - Alexandra Labuda
Adult Referee Award - Tom Tsipas
Senior Referee Award - Jim Cirillo

Young Volunteer of the Year Award
This award recognizes the contribution of a young adult to both the Oakville Soccer Club and the community.
Taylor Conn
Ana Grant

Volunteer of the Year Award
Originally named Sportsperson of the Year in recognition of Jim Tonkin, this award which began in 1974 is presented to an individual who consistently demonstrates the outstanding qualities of a devoted, reliable and committed volunteer.
Robin Mohamid, Rep Team Manager

President's Award
Presented annually in honour of Joe Hinnen - a long time volunteer with OSC - this award recognizes an untiring commitment by a volunteer to the Oakville Soccer Club
Victor Maciel - Victor has served on OSC's Discipline Committe, has been a House League Convenor and has been a dedicated House League coach for several years. A past recipient of the House League Coach of the Year Award and the Volunteer of the Year Award, Victor is a fixture in OSC's House League Program.

The Oakville Soccer Club congratulates all award winners and thanks all of the Club's volunteers for this tireless efforts. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Oakville Soccer Club, please click here.

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Oakville Soccer Club Welcomes Killeen and Prostran as Coach Mentors with Advanced Development Program

The Oakville Soccer Club is pleased to announce the hiring of Steven Killeen and Igor Prostran as ADP Coach Mentors beginning with the 2016 Fall season.

Killeen and Prostran will act as mentors to all volunteer coaches within the Girls and Boys U8-U10 ADP programs to support the Age Group Head Coaches. Both Igor and Steven will also help prepare volunteer coaches to participate in the Ontario Soccer Association's Fundamentals and Learn to Train courses.

Killeen has coached with the Oakville Soccer Club for the past 10 years. Initially Killeen was the Boys U12 Head Coach before helping to develop the Academy/Junior ADP Program and most recently working as the Girls U8 Age Group Head Coach. Killeen holds a teaching degree from OISE/University of Toronto and has Specialist Qualifications in Elementary Physical Education. Currently Killeen holds a CSA National B License, and is also NCCP trained in Fundamental Movement Skills for Children and works as a Learning Facilitator for the Ontario Soccer Association.

Prostran, a former Serbian footballer who played in Serbia and Canada, previously coached within the organization for 10 years in ADP, ODP and summer camps. He returns to the Oakville Soccer Club after a brief absence to mentor within the ADP program. Prostran possesses a Provincial ‘B’ License and is a former OSA Coach Educator. He is also Health & Physical Education teacher at the high school level.

OSC & MOHA Form Partnership With Two Sport Play Initiative

The Oakville Soccer Club is proud to announce that they have entered into a partnership with the Minor Oaks Hockey Association (MOHA) for a Two Sport Play initiative.

This initiative, between the largest programs of their respective sports in Canada, will see players U4 to U18 who wish to compete in two sports each season given the ability to do so through a two sport pricing structure and specialized scheduling. This will allow parents a new option to see their children participate in multiple sports rather than simply choosing one sport over the other.

This program will begin with OSC’s Summer Outdoor registration season in January of 2017 and continue into MOHA’s registration season beginning in April 2017.

“We are thrilled to announce the Two Sport Play initiative in partnership with the Minor Oaks Hockey Association,” said Dave Harris, OSC’s Executive Director. “The initiative now allows for young athletes in the community to play two sports without the pressure of having to choose. I would like to thank the Board of Directors of MOHA for their enthusiasm and commitment to providing this opportunity for the good of the youth of Oakville.”

“MOHA is pleased to engage in an initiative that supports the philosophies of the Hockey Canada long term player development model and enables young athletes in Oakville to benefit from both sports,” said John Verdon, President of MOHA. “We look forward to working with an association of OSC’s calibre and, together, providing increased recreational opportunities for both of our memberships.”

Details of the partnership will be released in the near future. The Oakville Soccer Club and the Minor Oaks Hockey Association look forward to building a lasting partnership that will see Oakville athletes develop their physical literacy and social skills though participation in both soccer and hockey.

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