Becoming a Volunteer House League Coach - Fall 2020

Have You Considered Coaching Youth House League Soccer?

Did you know that all OSC House League coaches are volunteers and no formal soccer or coaching experience is necessary? All volunteer coaches require to get involved is a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn! 

As a volunteer at OSC you are provided with a coach’s tool kit that will ensure that you, along with your team, have a soccer season that is both fun and enjoyable! OSC is proud to provide free Coach Education Workshops as well as communication templates, warm-ups, and many more valuable resources to ensure your coaching experience is as enjoyable as possible. 

How to Become a Coach

  • All coaches must complete the Volunteer Coach Application Form to begin the process to become a House League Coach. 
  • Coaches must be 15 years of age or older.
  • Any coach under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian at all times (the guardian’s information must be listed on the application form).

    A current Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) is required for coaches who are 18 years of age or older. Once you have provided the original copy of your Vulnerable Sector Check to OSC, you will be reimbursed for the full cost. The Vunerable Sector Check is valid for two years. 

Coaches automatically have their child placed on their team and will be allowed one additional player request. If the coach assistant/co-coach has a child, that child will be the additional player request. 

Click here to fill out the Volunteer Coach Application Form

Benefits of Coaching Youth Soccer at OSC
1. Personal development & networking opportunities
2. Session plans & technical support
3. Giving back to the community
4. A positive soccer experience

2020 Fall Indoor House League Soccer - Season Timeline

Before Season Begins

  1. Complete the Volunteer Coach Application.
  2. After confirmation of coaching from OSC, complete any additional requirements, including obtaining a Vulnerable Sector Check and your Respect in Sport Certifications (if applicable).
  3. Send an email to your team introducing yourself and include additional information such as your team number. OSC will provide a template to use for this communication.

Season Begins

  1. Communicate with your team regarding your schedule and any other events taking place throughout the season.
  2. Attend all games scheduled by OSC for the season.
  3. Ensure your players are having FUN - have a positive and enthusiastic attitude, provide positive feedback, and ensure players are getting equal playing time
  4. Pass along information to your team that is sent to you by OSC throughout the season.

After the Season

  1. Thank your team for a great season!
  2. Complete player evaluations for your players. Once completed, return/send these evaluations to OSC. 
  3. Sign up to coach again!

In each age group, a volunteer coach’s role may vary, however the most important aspect in all age groups is to have fun!

Please take a look at the chart below to see the specific coaching requirements:


U13 - U18 House League Age Group (one game per week)
OSC Provides Volunteer Coach Expectations
1. Step by step instructions from start to finish and ongoing support from OSC    1. Commitment to attend games/practices
2. Match Officials 2. Complete player evaluations at the end of the season
3. OSC Coach Certification Program 3. Communication with parents throughout the season
4. Curriculum 4. Be a positive role model
5. Email templates for communicating with parents 5. Complete a Vulnerable Sector Check 
(paid for by OSC)
6. Ongoing support from OSC 6. Complete the Respect In Sport Certification
(Reimbursed by OSC)
  7. Complete a Vulnerable Sector Check 
(paid for by OSC)


Click here to fill out the Volunteer Coach Application Form


If you have any questions, please contact Leah Sherrett, Youth House Leauge Coordinator by email at

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