About Referees

The Oakville Soccer Club is committed to the training and development of soccer referees by providing an environment that allows them to maximize their potential within the profession. We offer a multi-tiered program focused on the various levels of soccer offered through OSC. These include youth and adult categories. These include mini soccer, youth and adult categories. Club programs are focused on the recreational game and the development of fundamental skills for controlling the game.

Career Path

There are two official levels of officiating; the Small Sided Game and the full size Entry Level 11v11 game. We begin the younger referees in the Small Sided Game category, as it allows them to develop both knowledge of the game and confidence in their abilities.

Small Sided Game

This game is for players from U9 and U10 with a modified set of rules designed to encourage skill development in the young player. There are no scores and no standings kept by the club with the focus on participation rather than results. The role of the official is to educate players and coaches as well as facilitate game play within the Laws of the Small Sided Game. In 2020, candidates for the Small Sided Game certification course must be born on March 31, 2008 or earlier.

11v11 Game

This game is for players from U11 to Adult and follows The FIFA Laws of the Game. The role of the official is to ensure that the laws of the game are followed in a safe environment. We also encourage officials to continue the process of education started in the Small Sided Game environment. It should be noted that U11 and U12 games are played in a 9v9 format on a modified field using full FIFA Laws of the Game. The Oakville Soccer Club encourages all those age 14+ to begin their officiating career at this level, however they may also elect to begin at the Small Sided Game level. In 2020, candidates for the Entry Level 11v11 Game certification course must be born on March 31, 2006 or earlier.

Game Leader Program

Introduced by Ontario Soccer in 2016, the Game Leader is a coaching designation and is intended to introduce players, coaches and officials to the game, while encouraging learning, development and overall enjoyment of the sport. It is currently implemented in all U7 and U8 games, while the Game Leader Program will be administered by the Referee Department, however it will officially fall under the coaching banner, and it will be overseen by the Technical Directors and the Youth House League and Special Programs Coordinator. Candidates must be at least 12 years old in the year they take the certification. The OSC Referee Department views this program as a great introduction to being a referee, as well as a coach. Candidates who complete a season as a Game Leader will be considered to be returning officials in 2020, and will be given priority upon registration to a Small Sided Game Referee course. 

Career Advancement

Opportunities also exist for referees to upgrade their skills to officiate at various competitive levels. Working in concert with the local district and Ontario Soccer, we provide a platform from which referees of all ages can progress through the regional and provincial programs available to them. We encourage all referees to upgrade their skills on a regular basis. Advanced referee training is available through Canadian Soccer Association programs to qualified applicants.