2021 U4/U5 Summer Outdoor Active Start Program

The Oakville Soccer Club is proud to present the 2021 Summer Outdoor House League Season!

This fun and engaging program is the perfect return to outdoor activity!

U4 & U5 players will get the chance to make friends, build skills and most importantly, have FUN! Led by a volunteer coach, each week of the Active Start program will include an energizing warm up activity followed by a game component;  this gives our youngest players the opportunity to learn new skills and apply them directly in-game afterwards. All game play will be structured in a 3v3 format, allowing for every player to get as much time on the ball as possible!

The Oakville Soccer Club values the safety of its membership.  Government mandates and regulations will be monitored closely leading up to, and for the duration of the 2021 Summer Outdoor House League Program. Changes will be made to the program if required by future mandates. If changes are required, the membership will be notified.

This weekly program is 45 minutes long and was designed in accordance with Ontario Soccer and Long Term Player Development (LTPD).

Click here to view the U4/U5 Active Start Program Outline.

Sample Session:
Click here to view a sample U4 Session

Click here to view a sample U5 Session

Program Options:

The Active Start program provides two options for participants: a weekday option and a weekend option. Please note that session days are not interchangeable, but participants are welcome to sign up for both programs in order to enjoy two days of soccer each week!

*Due to the province-wide Stay at Home order, OSC has adjusted the dates of the 2021 Summer House League season to ensure a full 14-week program.

Program Information
Season Length
- 14 Week Season
Start Dates
        -U4 & U5 Weekend – Saturday, June 26
        -U4 Weekday – Monday, June 21
        -U5 Weekday – Tuesday, June 22
Game Times
        -Saturday Program
                        -U4, U5 Boys & Girls:  8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. game start times
        -Midweek Program
                        -U4 Boys & U4 Girls:  Mondays 5:45 p.m. game start time
                        -U5 Boys & U4 Girls: Tuesday 5:45 p.m. game start time

*All games will be played at the Pine Glen Outdoor Grass Fields (1520 Pine Glen Road, Oakville, ON).

Please click here to view the days of play for the U4/U5 Active Start Program.


Please note that refunds will not be issued for the 2021 Summer Program after June 7th, 2021, with the exception of a full program shutdown due to regional provincial and/or governing body mandates. Please note that program modification (removal of scrimmage/game, addition of individual skills) due to future mandates will not result in a full or partial refund. If the program you registered for (however modified) is still running, a refund will not be issued.

 In the event of a full program shut down, a full or pro-rated refund will be issued in consideration of weeks elapsed in the current session/program.

Refunds will not be issued in the event a participant is required to self-isolate.

Please click here to view OSC's Refund Policy.

Friends Requests
Friend requests will be accommodated if possible and should be sent to playerrequests@oakvillesoccer.ca prior to June 7th, 2021 to be considered.
Please note that we only accept one request per player and that request must be reciprocal - both parties must email and request that their players be placed on the same team.
Due to Provincial mandates, friend requests can not be guaranteed for the 2021 Summer Outdoor Season.

Player Uniforms and Equipment
All players will receive a full uniform consisting of a jersey, shorts and a pair of socks. This uniform is to be worn at each session.

Players are to provide their own shoes and shin pads. Soccer cleats are suggested but not mandatory; appropriate running shoes are acceptable. Please note that it is mandatory that shin pads are worn during all games and training sessions.

Become a Volunteer House League Coach!
Coaching a is a fun a rewarding experience! Regardless of your knowledge of the sport, OSC offers a supportive Coach Development program which will provide you with free Coach Development Workshops, templates, curriculums and more!

Click here to learn more about becoming an OSC volunteer coach! 

New to OSC?

Welcome to the team! We're excited to see you on the field!
To create an online registration account, please send the following information to info@oakvillesoccer.ca:

- Player Name
- Player Birthdate and Gender
- Parent Name
- Full Address
- Phone Number
- Preferred Email
- Proof of age for player - copy/photo of birth certificate, passport, health card, etc. - please black out any registration numbers - only name and birthdate need to be visible.
Please note that an account cannot be set up without proof of age. Please send all information in one email.

You will receive a response within 48 hours.

If you have any questions about the 2021 Summer Outdoor Program, please email info@oakvillesoccer.ca.



Please Note

  • Program Info is subject to change at the discretion of the Oakville Soccer Club. 
  • All players and participants must adhere to OSC's Return to Play Plan at all times.

*Article Updated April 20th, 2021.