2023 Winter Indoor Active Start Program – U6 (2017)

Join OSC’s Active Start program and introduce your player to the beautiful game!

Each week during the indoor program, players will learn to love soccer alongside their team as they participate in age and stage appropriate games led by a paid OSC Staff Member (Facilitator). Facilitators will guide dedicated volunteer coaches through each set of activities, and ensure every session is a rewarding experience for your players.  Parents are encouraged to engage alongside their children as players get used to structured activity in a sport setting.

Weekly sessions will include warm-up games, activity-based play, and a modified game component with the goal of keeping players engaged in a positive learning environment. Following the core principles set in place by Canada Soccer, all players will get lots of time on the ball, and enjoy a variety of activities that will allow them to develop social, emotional and physical tools that will last them a lifetime.

The key goal of the program is for players to enjoy their time being active - come join OSC to start your player’s lifelong love of soccer!


2023 Winter Program Details & Registration

Day of Play: Saturday

Game Start Time: 9:30am, 10:30am
*Please note that you can not select a time for weekly sessions. The program time may vary per week, and can include any of the times listed above.          

Season Length & Dates: 12 weeks – January 21st  – April 22nd
Exclusion Date(s): March 11th, April 8th

Fee:  $260

Please click here to view the Full Days of Play document for the 2023 Winter Season.


Registration Deadline for the 2023 Winter Indoor Season:

Friday, January 13th

*Please note that spaces are not guaranteed prior to the registration deadline. Waitlists will be created if required in certain age groups prior to the registration deadline.


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Additional Program Details


Oakville Soccer Club – Pine Glen Indoor Soccer Center

1520 Pine Glen Rd., Oakville

Players per team:

12 (depending on registration numbers)

Coach structure:

Volunteer coach led, assisted by the Active Start Facilitator

Parent involvement:

Parents will be called upon to participate in the sessions, one parent/guardian/older sibling must be present

Session Length:               

15 minutes: warm-up and physical literacy activities

30 minutes: small-sided game

Game Format:

3v3 with no goal keeper

Gender-specific divisions (i.e. girls will play with/against girls, boys will play with/against boys)

Officiating Format:

No scores or standings

Equipment Included:

Team jersey

Equipment Required:

Shin pads are mandatory, shorts and socks are required, either running shoes or soccer cleats may be worn

Program Objective:

At this introductory level the objective is to get children moving and to keep them active. No competitive games should be played – the objective is for adults and children to play together informally and for children to develop fundamental movement skills through play and general movement.        


Become a Volunteer House League Coach!

Coaching an Active Start team is a fun a rewarding experience! Regardless of your knowledge of the sport, OSC offers a supportive Coach Development program which will provide you with free Coach Development Workshops, templates, curriculums and more!

Click here to learn more about becoming an Active Start volunteer coach!

Refund Deadline:

Rufunds will not be issued for the 2023 Winter Indoor Program after January 7th, 2023.

Please click here to view OSC's Refund Policy.

Friend Requests

In order to make a request for friends to play on the same team, please email playerrequests@oakvillesoccer.ca with:

- Your player's full name
- Friend's full name
- Age group
Example: "James Smith would like to be placed on the same team as John Doe in for the Boys U8 Summer soccer season please."

Please note that OSC only accepts requests for one friend per player and that request must be reciprocal - both parties must email and request that their players be placed on the same team.

The Oakville Soccer Club makes every effort to accommodate friend requests, but cannot guarantee that requested will be granted.
Please note that OSC does not accept requests for specific coaches.

The friend request deadline for the 2023 Winter Indoor Season is January 7th, 2023.

Out of Town Fee

Please be advised that all registrants that reside outside of the town of Oakville will be required to pay an out-of-town residency fee of $10.00.



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If you require assistance after reviewing the How-To guide, please contact info@oakvillesoccer.ca

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*Due to fluctuating registration numbers, OSC reserves the right to change times/days of play and/or combine age groups.

2022 Fall Program Details

Day of Play: Saturday

Game Start Time: 8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am
*Please note that you can not select a time for weekly sessions. The program time may vary per week, and can include any of the times listed above.          

Season Length & Dates: 12 weeks – September 17th – December 10th 
Exclusion Date: October 8th

Fee:  $260

Please click here to view the Full Days of Play document for the 2022 Fall Season.