About Youth House League

The Oakville Soccer Club offers fun and exciting year-round soccer programs for youth players ages U4-U18. All recreational youth programming at OSC is run in line with the Long Term Player Development.

Active Start (U4-U5)

Active Start provides the youngest players in soccer with the opportunity to develop their physical literacy skills such as running, jumping, kicking and changing direction during one session per week. U4 - U5 teams spend half the session working with a Learning Facilitator, participating in fun games and activities designed to improve their physical literacy skills, and half the session working with a volunteer coach in a 3v3 game setting. For more information regarding the U4/U5 Active Start program, please click here.

FUNdamentals (U6)
U6 Fundamental players participate in one scheduled session per week that consists of fun warm up activities and a 3v3 game setting with a Learning Facilitator/Game Leader and a volunteer coach. The role of the Game Leader is to enable children to have a fun and rewarding experience while competing in small sided games, ensure player safety and implement simplified rules while keeping the game moving (limiting stoppages and assisting the young players with restarts). For more information about the U6 FUNdamentals program, please click here.

FUNdamentals (U7-U8)

Players are encouraged to develop within a small-sided game environment. The focus at this stage is on continued development of physical literacy skills and basic soccer skills. Players begin to learn and understand the concepts and rules of the game and develop situational awareness but emphasis is on individual development and learning through fun actives and games.

Learn to Train (U9 – U12)

Fun remains paramount while players learn expand their skill set. At this stage players begin to develop a personal style of play and they learn about positional awareness, game tactics and principles and group play.

Soccer for Life (Active for Life) (U13+)

At this stage players begin to focus on position-specific skills. Players are able to improve existing skills while developing new ones. The focus remains on having fun and continuing to build a love of the game.

The Oakville Soccer Club is dedicated to providing a positive soccer experience for all Youth House League programs by providing a fun and positive environment in which players can develop their soccer and social skills.

For more information about the Canadian Soccer Association’s Wellness to World Cup, please view the W2WC Brochure and the W2WC Matrix.