U13 - U18 Summer Soccer for Life Program

Welcome to the 2019 U13-U18 Soccer For Life
Summer Program!

Summer Soccer has now started!
* Limited spaces still available in certain age groups. Contact 905-849-4436 ext. 4440 for details. 


 Click on the above video to check out the U13-U18 Soccer For Life Summer Soccer Program in action!

Players will have fun, develop their skills, learn more about the game and be a part of a team throughout the summer season!


If your player was born in 2006, they are a U13.
If your player was born in 2005, they are a U14.
If your player was born in 2004 or 2003, they are a U15/16.
If your player was born in 2002 or 2001, they are a U17/18.

Soccer For Life Summer Program

OSC's U13-18 Soccer For Life participants will continue to develop their skills on the pitch during the 2019 Summer Soccer season. Taking the field each week with friends and teammates both new and old, players will expand their knowledge of the game while building on their existing skills.

Players will enjoy one game per week with their team throughout the 14 week season. Teams are lead by OSC's volunteer coaches, who are provided with abundant training resources and education to help them be effective in their roles. Games are officiated by an OSC Match Official who will provide direction and help players to learn about the game.

INARIA Cup Tournament
All U13-U18 teams will participate in the 4th Annual INARIA Cup tournament on June 14, 15, & 16th!

Teams will compete throughout the weekend within their age groups and have the opportunity to experience a soccer tournament setting while vying for the prestigious INARIA Cup title! Teams are guarantees a minimum of three games. INARIA Cup games are provided in addition to the 14 scheduled season games.

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U13-U18 Summer House League Soccer For Life Program Outline
including fees, days of play and program inclusions

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To view the Days of Play for the entire 2019 Youth Summer House League Soccer program, please click here.

Player Uniforms and Equipment
All players will receive a full uniform consisting of a jersey, shorts and a pair of socks. This uniform is to be worn at each session.

Players are to provide their own shoes and shin pads. Soccer cleats are suggested but not mandatory; appropriate running shoes are acceptable. Please note that it is mandatory that shin pads are worn during all games and training sessions.

Registration Information
New to OSC?
First-time participants must register in person at the Pine Glen Soccer Centre located at 1520 Pine Glen Road in Oakville and provide player proof of age (health card, birth certificate, passport, etc.). All future registrations can be completed online.

Returning Players
Returning players can register in person at the Pine Glen Soccer Centre, or complete registration through their family account online by clicking here. If you need help accessing your account, please contact 905-849-4436 ext. 4440 or info@oakvillesoccer.ca for assistance.

Refunds requested on or before May 7, 2019 will be subject to a $35 administrative fee. No refunds will be accepted after May 7, 2019. Please click here to review OSC's Refund Policy.

Play Soccer With Friends!
In order to make a request for friends to play on the same team, please email playerrequests@oakvillesoccer.ca with:

- Your players full name
- Friend's full name
- Age group
Example: "James Smith would like to be placed on the same team as John Doe in for the Boys U8 Summer soccer season please."

All friend requests must be reciprocal - both parties must email and request that their players be placed on the same team.

The 2019 Player Request Deadline is Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

The Oakville Soccer Club makes every effort to accommodate friend requests, but cannot guarantee that requested will be granted.
Please note that OSC does not accept requests for specific coaches.

Become a Volunteer House League Coach!
Coaching a team is a fun a rewarding experience! Regardless of your knowledge of the sport, OSC offers a supportive Coach Development program which will provide you with free Coach Development Workshops, templates, curriculums and more!

Sign up to be a volunteer House League coach or convenor for the 2019 Youth Summer Outdoor season and receive a $50 credit or volunteer House League Development Program coach and receive a $100 credit to be used towards a future OSC program registration! Credits will be distributed upon completion of the Youth Outdoor season and must be used within one year of issue.

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Out of Town Fee
Please be advised that all registrants that reside outside of the town of Oakville will be required to pay an out-of-town residency fee of $10.00.

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