Match Official Mentoring Program

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The Mentor Program was founded in September 2014 to promote continuous referee development and provide a forum for the exchange of soccer knowledge. The mission of the mentoring team is to support aspiring referees, provide constructive feedback, and inspire referees to embark on new challenges to help with their growth. The average referee retention rate is approximately 45% across Ontario, however, the endorsement of OSC's program has increased this to an estimated 90% rate in Oakville. The goal for the 2017 Fall Indoor and 2018 Winter Indoor Season is to compile 350 total mentor reports from 75 different referees.

The initiative is overseen by Matthew Aslett, Youth and Adult Mentor Program Coordinator, who can be reached through email at for more information.

A diverse and enthusiastic team of mentors has been recruited for the upcoming season, with a variety of experience levels and mentoring styles to cater to all ages of our 250 local referees:

Richard B

 Richard Bowden, Referee Development Manager

Richard has been the Head OSC Referee since 2005 and has over 20 years of officiating experience. He coached competitively with Oakville Soccer Club from 1987 until 2001. Richard is a CSA Provincial Instructor and an accredited OSA Mentor Instructor. He works with the OSA Referee Development Committee and is a chair for the Discipline Committee. He is a First Aid Instructor with the Toronto EMS and looks after programming for OSC.




Matthew Aslett, Youth & Adult Mentor Program Coordinator

Matthew is a level 6 match official who has officiated over 350 youth, adult, and competitive games since 2014. Matthew was selected for the inaugural Mentoring Team and was awarded an Oakville Soccer Club Scholarship Award in 2015. Starting in April 2016, Matthew has been the Youth Outdoor Referee and Mentor Coordinator at the Oakville Soccer Club. He is a third year Commerce Student and Teaching Assistant at Queen’s University. Matthew was named as the Peel Halton Youth Referee of the Year in 2016 and received the OSA District Spirit of the Game Award in 2016. He is also the Committee Chair for Ontario Soccer’s Youth Summit in April 2018.



Isabella Springett, Mentoring Team Leader Fall 2017

Isabella is a level 5 match official, who completed her Entry Level certification in 2015. She received the Referee of the Year award in 2015 and has officiated over 100 youth games at the Oakville Soccer Club. Isabella won the Ontario Cup and Ontario Summer Games in 2016, and aspires to officiate competitive games in 2018. She was recognized as a Referee Mentor in September 2016 and will focus on the development of OSC's new team members. Isabella was named the Most Valuable Soccer Player at her secondary school in 2016.



 Vlad Vladimir Haltigin, Senior Talented Pathway Mentor U15+

Vlad is a CSA-certified Referee Instructor and Regional Assessor. He is a retired OSA Provincial-level referee with 17 years of refereeing experience, and a two-time Ontario Cup Final referee. Vlad is also currently a member of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) responsible for the design and implementation of the OSA Referee Mentoring and Coaching program. He is committed to the education and development of referees seeking advancement in the talented pathway stream. Vlad joined the Oakville Soccer Club Mentor Team in September 2016.




Richard K

 Richard Kuchta, Talented Pathway Mentor U15+

Richard is a level 7 match official and has 12 years of officiating experience. During his time with the Oakville Soccer Club, he has worked extensively with youth referees as part of OSC's support program. This includes mentoring, training, and on-field assistance. He is an active member of the Discipline Committee and enjoys working with both youth and adult referees. Richard also regularly attends PHSA meetings.



 Michael Morrison, Talented Pathway Mentor U15+ 

Michael is a level 6 match official, who has officiated youth, adult, and competitive games since 2012. He credits his daughter for providing him with a healthy opportunity that changed his life. Michael was recognized in the inaugural Mentor Team and is currently participating in the District Referee Upgrade Program. Michael has participated in numerous OSC Tournaments, Festivals, and was selected to officiate in the YPHDL Cup Finals in 2016.



 Katie Kennedy, Youth Mentor U7/8

Katie was the Co-Game Leader of the Year in 2016 and officiated 60 games in the past couple seasons. She continues to impress with her positive attitude and willingness to teach young soccer players. Katie really enjoys being a match official and looks forward to upgrading to the Entry Level Certification in 2018. She joined the Mentoring Team in July 2017





Karley Janula, Youth Mentor U7/8/9/10

Karley was the Co-Game Leader of the Year in 2016 for the Oakville Soccer Club. She has officiated 130 games since April 2016 and has played soccer since she was 5 years old. Karley is very knowledgeable and interacts with players in an enthusiastic manner. She really enjoyed her experience and hopes to progress with her refereeing career, joining the Mentoring Team in July 2017.





 Nicholas Bruno, Youth Mentor U10/11

Nic is a level 6 match official, who has officiated over 100 youth games and worked as the Youth Referee Assignor for Oakville in the summer of 2017. Nic was selected to be a Referee Mentor in September 2016. He is currently in his third year of completing a Political Science Specialist Degree at the University of Toronto, Mississauga. He is trained in Standard First Aid, and has completed the health care practitioner level CPR certification at St. John’s Ambulance.




 Katya Lopac, Youth Mentor U10/11

Katya is a level 4 match official who has officiated over 80 games since 2014 and joined the mentoring team in August 2017. She has officiated in games ranging from small sided to entry level, including PHDL festivals in 2015 to 2017. She aspires to help many youth match officials develop into better referees with a higher understanding of the game. Katya has been a Rep level player since 2006.



 Mathias Lovera, Youth Mentor U9/10/11/12

Mathias Lovera is currently a level 5 match official who has officiated over 125 games ranging from house league to competitive since 2013. Mathias was selected to become a mentor in August 2017 given his knowledge of the laws and positive personality. Mathias is currently in his final year of high school and is working towards a higher level for his match official accreditation. Mathias aspires to be a match official for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.




Jack Murray, Youth Mentor U9/10/11/12

Jack is a level 4 match official, who has officiated over 200 games since 2014 and was appointed as a Referee Mentor in July 2017. Jack has been involved with OSC since he began playing soccer at the age of four. He is enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in the development of young referees while continuing his own officiating education.



 Christian Lopac, Youth Mentor U11/12/13/14

Christian is a level 5 match official and joined the mentoring program in August 2017. He has officiated for 6 years, including selections for OSC playoff, GHSL competitive, and PHDL festival games. He enjoys being a referee and mentor, while helping his fellow match officials develop into better referees with a higher understanding of the game. Christian has been a soccer player since 2005, and has represented OSC as a Rep level player for the last 10 years.


Eric Davidson, Youth Mentor U13/14

Eric started started refereeing in 2001 and was President for the Brant District Referees Association from 2002 to 2004. He was also a Representative on the Ontario Council of Referees. He then became a member of the North York Association from 2005 to 2009, while officiating at various levels in Toronto. In 2009, he moved to Burlington and is currently a District Level Referee. He is the Vice Present for the Halton Referees Association and mentors within PHSA.




Robert O’Halloran, Youth Mentor U13/14

Robert is a level 5 match official who has officiated over 275 youth and adult, recreational and competitive games since 2012. Robert was appointed as a Referee Mentor in July 2016. He has been asked to mentor at various festivals and has assisted with administration for the Discipline Committee.