ADP/RDP/OPDL Coach Resources

Footwork Skills

OSC’s Footwork Skill have been created to assist in developing players of all levels of play and offer a variety of skills ranging from simple skills to complex skills incorporating individual technical exercises that help aid player development. These videos are designed to help aid in educating players and to give players the opportunity to develop their technical proficiency on the ball in order to attribute to their future success in Soccer. Whether at home, or at the Oakville Soccer Club, Footwork Skill Videos will help advance every player.

University/College Pathway

The NCAA Eligibility Center provides insight into how any college/university-bound athletes interested in pursuing a scholarship in the United States can garner a better understanding of the requirements that must be met before applying abroad.

Health & Fitness for the Female Soccer Player

Health & Fitness for the Female Soccer Player can be used as a valuable resource for both parents and players on injury prevention, diet and nutrition, and training strategies for female athletes.

FIFA 11 Warm-up

FIFA 11+ is a world-renowned warm-up program for ages 14+ that significantly reduces injuries in both male/female soccer players. The positive impact of a well-structured warm-up is proven to have a profound effect on a player’s individual performance and is an essential part of pre-game custom in countries around the world.

OSC Sport Session Planner

OSC Sport Session Planner is a coaching resource database shared amongst the OSC coaching faculty. By starting to create a culture within OSC, coaches can truly look to deepen their knowledge of the game by collectively sharing information with one another and realizing that every coach has something new to offer. The OSC technical department will continually update OSC Sport Session Planner with new content featuring newly designed session plans for registered coaches to implement within their own squads.

Upon logging into the OSC Sport Session Planner, exclusive to OSC coaches, there will be a prompt to create a username and password to gain full access to session plans. With these session plans coaches can gather new session ideas or generate ideas of their own to share with the public. Session plans can be made private, shared with the public of Oakville Soccer Club, or shared with the general public. With OSC Sport Session Planner there is always a new session plan to be explored.

Coach Development

The Oakville Soccer Club is pleased to present the Coach Education Workshop Series!

Through a relaxed and fun environment, OSC’s Coach Education Workshops will feature activities that are age and stage appropriate for youth soccer players. All activities will follow the Long Term Player Development model (LTPD) recommendations. Coaches will get the opportunity to be active and participate in the Workshops while having some fun.

Upcoming Workshops

More dates coming soon!

FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Series

With the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Canadian Orthopedic Foundation, the Ontario Soccer Association and Bone and Joint Canada brings you a video series to get you acquainted with the FIFA 11+ program.