RDP, (Representative Development Program) offered by the Oakville Soccer Club, provides a comprehensive training experience for soccer players. The program focuses on enhancing technical skills, tactical understanding, and overall player development. Participants receive guidance from experienced and certified coaches who foster a positive and supportive environment.

RDP is designed for players in the U13 (born in 2011) to U18 (born in 2006) age groups. It offers advanced training sessions that aim to further develop players’ technical abilities, decision-making skills, and game understanding. The curriculum is tailored to meet the specific needs of players at different age levels, ensuring progressive skill development.

The program incorporates both individual skill training and team-based activities, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Participants engage in regular practice sessions and have opportunities to apply their skills in competitive games against other clubs within Ontario.

Access to high-quality facilities further enhances the training experience for RDP participants. The Oakville Soccer Club provides modern and well-maintained facilities that offer a conducive environment for skill development and player growth.



The Oakville Soccer Club is a proud Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) License Holder, and has teams at multiple age groups. Click here to learn more about OSC’s OPDL program.



Tryouts for the 2023/24 RDP Season have concluded. Please contact for any questions regarding the program. 

2023-2024 Representative Development Program Outlines


Learn more about OSC’s Technical Staff by following the link below.

2023-2024 Boys Head Coaches
U13 B (2011) Philip Defreitas
U13 C (2011) Jas Purewal
U14 B (2010) Josh Villa
U14 C (2010) Josh Villa
U15 B (2009) Angelo Mirto
U15 C (2009) Chris Warren
U16 B (2008) Fernando Marcos
U17 B (2007) Fernando Marcos
U18 B (2006) Tom Svoboda

2023-2024 Girls Head Coaches
U13 B (2011) Danielle Hastings
U14 B (2010) Danielle Hastings
U14 C (2010) Martine Torres
U15 B (2009) Chris Widdup
U16 B (2008) Thomas Lagos
U17 B (2007) Dave Cull
U18 B (2006) Mike Terlizzi