8 OSC Players Selected for Provincial Xcel Teams


In a resounding display of talent and skill, the Oakville Soccer Club has once again proven its prowess on the field. Eight exceptional players, comprising of both boys and girls from ages U14-U17, have emerged triumphant from the highly competitive Provincial Screening Competition (PSC), earning their places on the upcoming Provincial Xcel teams. The eight players selected are as follows:

U14 (2010) Boys – Kohen Morgan

U14 (2010) Girls – Olivia Pereira

U14 (2010) Girls – Uma Ranu

U14 (2010) Girls – Hadley McEwen

U15 (2009) Girls – Megan Austin

U15 (2009) Boys – Zydan Naseeb

U16 (2008) Girls – Evelyn McCabe

U17 (2007) Boys – Nathan Oduol

The players’ performance at the Screening is a testament to their commitment, talent and determination.

Senior Technical Director, Chris Grierson, had this to say regarding this fantastic accomplishment: “Congratulations to all the players from the Oakville Soccer Club who have been selected to represent Ontario in the Provincial Xcel Program. Your hard work, dedication, and talent have paid off, and we are incredibly proud of your achievement. Representing your Club and Province is a significant honor, and we have no doubt that you will succeed on the provincial stage. A special thanks to your families and the coaches who have supported your journey as we strive to provide the best possible environment for your development.  Best of luck, and make Oakville proud!”

As these eight exceptional players embark on their journey with the Provincial Xcel teams, they carry with them the pride of their Club and the hopes of their community, poised to make their mark on the provincial stage. Congratulations to all!

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