Annual General Meeting & Volunteer Celebration


Oakville Soccer Club’s AGM and Volunteer Celebration

The recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Volunteer Celebration hosted by the Oakville Soccer Club brought together notable speakers and dedicated volunteers, marking a momentous occasion in the Club’s calendar.

Key speakers, including Mayor Rob Burton, Ontario Soccer CEO Johnny Misley, Oakville Soccer President Imdad Ali, and Executive Director Katryna Indewey, addressed attendees, emphasizing the PSO’s, Town’s and Club’s commitment to its members and the broader community.

During the AGM, discussions centered around crucial topics such as the election of the Board of Directors and the passing of club motions. As a result of the election, OSC is happy to welcome four new members to the Board of Directors.  Rob Andrews, Nick Efthimiadis, Robbie Grewal and Shayam Jeyaratnam will bring their expertise to the Board as they fill the four vacancies left by Abas Kanu, Kate Svoboda, Rachna Singhal and Alexis Ricordi. A heartfelt thank you goes out to these outgoing members for their hard work and dedication throughout their tenures.

Katryna Indewey concluded the formal portion of the meeting by providing an update on the Club’s Strategic Plan, outlining progress made toward the goals set forth in the previous year. This strategic update served to inform attendees about the club’s trajectory and future initiatives.

The Volunteer Celebration segment honored the invaluable contributions of outgoing board members and recognized outstanding volunteers across various categories. Notable mentions include Summer Muller and Sadie Ostafin, recipients of the Young Volunteer of the Year award, and Chris Widdup and Fernando Marcos, recognized as Volunteer Competitive Coaches of the Year.

The event concluded on a high note, with the President’s Award presented to Andrew Doman and Sammantha Scott recognized as Volunteer of the Year. The overwhelming success of the event underscored its significance in celebrating the dedication and hard work of volunteers while also serving as a platform for sharing key updates and fostering community engagement.

Katryna Indewey, Executive Director, summarized the event well, stating “The Oakville Soccer Club’s AGM and Volunteer Celebration not only honoured the contributions of its volunteers but also highlighted the club’s strategic progress and commitment to its members. It was a day filled with appreciation, camaraderie, and a shared vision for the future success of the club.”


Full listing of Award Winners:


Outgoing Board of Directors:

Abas Kanu

Kate Svoboda

Rachna Singhal

Alexis Ricordi


Young Volunteer of The Year:

Summer Muller

Sadie Ostafin

Youth House League Volunteer of The Year:

Sonya Booker – GU5

Daniel Thompson – GU5

Andrew Corrie – BU6

Neil D’Souza – GU7

Jeremy Patry – BU7

Arnaldo Guedez – GU9

Alan Kwan – BU9

Louise More – GU10

John More – GU10

Stewart Yepes – GU11

Manny Brar – GU11

Melody Gonsalves – BU11

Leslie Babel – GU12

Lillo Puma – GU13

Daniel Ghali – BU13

Katie Ivancic – GU14

Brooke Hicks – GU15+

Ed Leyer – GU15+

Dan Dickey – BU17/18

Volunteer Competitive Coach of the Year:

Female team: Chris Widdup

Male team: Fernando Marcos


Volunteer Team Manager of the Year:

Steven Terra


Volunteer of the Year:

Sammantha Scott


President’s Award:

Andrew Doman



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