Let the Battle of Halton Begin!


The Oakville Soccer Club and Burlington Soccer Club partner to create the Battle of Halton.

What is the old adage, two is better than one? Well, that is certainly the case when it comes to Burlington Soccer Club (BSC) and Oakville Soccer Club (OSC). These two storied clubs, who both hold National Youth and Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) licenses, are excited to “team up” on a friendly competition that is sure to provide great value for both communities.

This collaboration brings the Battle of Halton to fruition. The Battle of Halton will seek to enhance the member experience, with both Club’s OPDL teams in focus. In each game, the teams will not only play for a win in the OPDL standings, but will also “battle” to win a point for their Club in this newly created competition. Throughout the OPDL season, each time BSC faces OSC, the scores will be recorded and added to an overall total which will be used crown the champion in the Inaugural Battle of Halton.

Katryna Indewey, the Executive Director of Oakville Soccer, expects a fantastic start to this new chapter for the friendly rivalry, noting “OSC can’t wait for some friendly competition with the Bayhawks! Watching these talented teams go head-to-head throughout the summer will be fun for our players, parents, and membership as a whole.” This sentiment rang true for the Executive Director of Burlington Soccer, Amal Chauhan, who added “BSC is always looking for fun ways to collaborate with other like-minded clubs who want to see the growth of the game. The Battle of Halton will allow us to not only fulfill that, but enhance the player experience on the pitch and unite all members within the club.”

At the end of the OPDL season, the total score will be calculated and the losing club will see its Executive Director pied in the face with the opposing teams colours. Should a tie-breaker be needed, overall goal differential will be applied (goals for less goals against).

The Battle of Halton kicks-off on Saturday, April 29th at City View Park. All members of both BSC and OSC are encouraged to come out to cheer on their respective squads, as each point will matter in what we can only foresee as an epic battle for years to come.

So, grab your blue and yellow or red and white, your teammates and family members, and cheer along throughout the season. Make sure to follow both clubs on their social channels for details, updates, and prizes (@burlsoccer & @oakville_soccer_club)!

Follow the link below to view the full press release. 

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